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03062012 - Revamp #20

Hello Dorkies! I miss each and every one of you! I am sorry for being such a bad admin but still, you guys are sending in your requests. As you can see, I am doing a massive revamp for Dorkistic.Net and it's going to be our 20th Revamp and huge changes are coming your way. I hope you can brace yourself until we're back with new layout and new content within this week. For easy reading, here are what to expect in our revamp:

To affies, please do not remove us, and I am going to do some visits to find more affies. I am also updating the Worth Visiting websites. Do let me know if you have any favourite sites that I should list too.

I guess that's all for now. I have four days before school starts, and for me to update all my sites!

Thanks to those who still visit our site even though we're kind of dead XD and who sent us your request, as well as sending us messages in Formspring. I hope I answered your questions well ^^


DATE: 6/03/2012 COMMENTS:
Umma! I'm so glad I found my name at the sidebar. Been waiting for it. :D Also, I'm so happy you guys are revamping. I'm excited to see the new Dorkistic. Why not feature EXO-K? They're getting a lot of attention today?
Your revamp layout is so pretty. XD I can't wait for you to come back with your awesomeness. <3 I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH. ;AAA; Oh, and Exo for sure. <3 Also, 4Minute!!! :D And...that's it from me. OTL Good luck with school. ;u;

Can't wait until this site finish revamping. I agree with FrenchSha. Why not feature EXO (either K or M)? Oh! What about Big Bang's Monster? It's a big hit ;)
Hey, one of my request is pending.
I had changed my blog link. Here is the new one.

Hey, I would like to cancel my request. Sorry about that...
I like the layout you made for me ^^ It's great!
I have uploaded them both. Thank you!

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