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Sorry for not updating. I'm trying to get back on my sites starting today. Expect some changes and tonnes of stuff coming up in all my sites. Here are today's update:

  • CHECK : 9 requested layouts are now ready for pick up. Pending list updated too.
  • FREEBIES : by Nana Unnie featuring Miss A! GET HERE!
  • Thank you for all the comments! I will reply them tonight!
  • APRIL'S ANGEL aka the site of the month is here! check out the awesome site ^^
It's a.most 11.30am! I should get ready for school! later guys.. I love you!


DATE: 4/10/2012 COMMENTS:
Thank you for the awesome layout ! I love it <3 :)
Annyeong! I have received my layout and thank you so much! Umm, is it okay if you could change the color of the sidebar and the blogpost to a lighter shade of pink? I'm sorry if I'm asking for too much. Anyways, it's such a pretty layout \(^o^)/ Thank you again!
Hi, I have requested again ^_^
Picked up my layout! Thank you so much again Chazzie, you are awesome and layout is just what I wanted <3
Cute site. I applied for link exchange. ^_^

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