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Lost and Confused

Uh, hey everyone! -looks around- I'm still confused with the new interface~ I'm sorry for being absent for quite a long while. However, we are thankful that there are people who still believe in us and sending in their request. I have updated the STATUS PAGE and along with that, I uploaded one of the premade layouts that I made last month. Here's the preview:

Click the image for full view, and to download, Click here!. The host for dorkistic's download page is closing its site, so I need to move to other place. I hope it won't take that long for me to move them~ so for now, I will just upload the layout to mediafire ^^

And here are two previews of Nana Unnie's premade blog layout and more in her Blogskin Page:

Download Here

Download Here

Have a great day! If your request is not in the list, please comment on this post.

DATE: 4/27/2012 COMMENTS:
Chazzieeeee where have you been? DX <3 You are missed. It's so quiet around here... o_o But it's nice to see an update after a while~ \o/ Erm...I've been kinda MIA as well OTL but it's by choice. I feel so lonely. T_T I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new layouts. <3 EXO AND 4MINUTE IN ONE POST. ;AAAAAA; Be strong and work hard. \o/ But not too hard. ;3
Hey! I used the EXO-M layout for my request blog. Do come and visit. :)

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