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Hello everyone... sorry for neglecting Dorkistic.Net This is the first time I that I couldn't online for one whole week. I'm getting busier with my students' classes and managing the students' data since I'm the homeroom teacher. I am sorry for delaying your request so many times. I am doing the error check for the pending list and I have received a few requests in my inbox too. Please check your name below to see if your name is there. I will start yours once I finished uploading the pending requests. On the brighter side, I am excited because we are going to have a one-week break next week and I promise myself to keep all my sites alive by then. Thank you for those who keeps on visiting Dorkistic even though it looks dead these days. I will check your messages on the cbox and will reply it accordingly. Before I'm off to finish the request, here's a Big Bang wallpaper that I made a while ago to celebrate their comeback. Hope you like it =)

Again, just to remind you that Tumblr layout request is not available at the moment.

Have a great Sunday!

Recently received request:
- Shannon
- Pararae
- FLH_lover
- Hannie
- Wonderbinnine
- CuteBubbles

p/s: If you want to request a layout, you can also request at EnchantedReverie since they're just reopened and now offering layout request service ^^

DATE: 3/04/2012 COMMENTS:

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