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    06022012 - New Look, Forever Alone
    Hello everybody ^^ How was your weekend? I woke up a bit late today because I've been spending my weekend watching Idol Army Season 2 and 5. So funny that when I'm online today, I feel weird because it's so quiet.. and I realized that today is monday and most of you are now in school! We have two days of public holiday here in Malaysia. For the Muslims, Salam Maal Hijrah and for the Hindus, Happy Thaipusam ^^ As you can see, we are sporting a new layout, and I guess, people wil expect some lovely colours in conjunction with Valentine's day but oh well, your umma here is forever alone! The navigation is on the sidebar and I hope you like this simple layout. I have added almost ten banners in the advertising section up there and do pay them a visit because they have the best posters in the community and you have to make sure to request from them!

    On the other account, so many sites are getting their own domain and they are indeed awesome! To get yourself updated with other sites' news and statuses, be sure to follow us on twitter because we will keep you updated everyday! oh well, maybe not every day, but when our favourite sites have an update! haha~

    I have updated the status page as well as uploaded the Tumblr layout request. For now, I will not accept TUMLR LAYOUT REQUEST because I found it hard to do the error check since Tumblr won't load that fast here =.=

    Okay, before I end today's update, let's check out the newly opened sites last week:

    • TintedShade : Owned by the awesome Ranee of AwesomeNoobs. She offers site hosting, as well as resources for your collection!

    • Ah-Mazing : Latienza is back with new domain and of course, lots more to come! visit as well Untouchable Desires!

    • SeoulCheonsa : One lucky girl on earth, angie is back with her own domain and ready to take over the community with her awesome services!

    Have a great day!

    Jiro's icons from FallingSnow
    DATE:2/06/2012 TIME:{12:44 PM} COMMENTS:

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