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28012012 - Freebies!

Hello everyone! How was your chinese New Year celebration? did you receive plenty of ang paos? I'm sure the celebration is awesome and I enjoyed myself during the CNY eve as well. It is fun to see the family members of my Chinese neighbour (this family was responsible for instilling the love of Taiwanese songs to me lol) coming home for the grand dinner. Later at night, there were fireworks every where and that is what makes CNY beautiful.

For an update, I am now working on the request, and I am now back in my warden residential house in Johore. I am planning to get myself a wireless modem so that I can download and upload things faster, but I have to wait for my salary first. keke~ anyway, it has been a while since we offer you freebies isn't it? Well, sit back and relax because here are the list of the freebies uploaded by me and Nana Unnie. Before that, let's congratulate Nana Unnie for winning the song cover project hosted by Timeless Academy! You should listen to the re-run which will be uploaded by Timeless Academy soon. Once the link is up, I will share it with you.

Freebies by Chazzie

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Freebies by Nana Unnie

These and more forum signature to be downloaded here!

Pynkfaery is open for request! go get yourself requested ^^

Till then, take care!

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