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19012012 - Status updated

Hello everyone! How are you? Ah, it feels like I haven't been here since forever! I am now updating from my new house, in Johore. The Internet is not that fast, but I cant complain much, can't I? maybe I should install wifi in this house? haha~ so yeah, thank you for visiting this site, although the fact that I said there that I'm on open hiatus. Rejoice, I'm back! and so does pynkfaery! You hear it right, kid. Pynkfaery is back and ready to accept request. Her wallpapers and posters are so beautiful! You can request from here via dorkistic, or go straight to her portfolio

I've updated the status page, so please leave us message on the Cbox if your name is not there, and to those who applied for advertisement, I shall look at it and upload them all by this weekend. Thank you for requesting and Chinese New Year is coming soon! Hmmm, maybe I should change the layout to red? keke~ have a great Thursday everyone!

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