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02012012 : 9 Twitter Background

Hiya Dorkies! How are you doing? It's the third day of January and for Malaysian students, school is opening very soon! And for the other countries, Xmas break is over and school has started as well, isn't it? Back to site's update, I am thankful to the requester who sent us messages on the cbox informing that they have picked up the layout. I hope you will love the layout and so does your visitors ^^ I also received few more advertisement application at the AFF thread that I opened, and I will add your sites asap. Thank you for applying. And to our dear visitors and friends, why don't you check out the sites that we advertise up there? And to site owners, if you want your site to be added there, just submit the form at the AFF thread that I provided. I am still outlining the SOTM criteria, and as I chat with Arom and Rxnkim on Twitter today, I came out with another project, which I'm sure would be a fun one for you to join, especially those with a website or blog. The project will be organized at AwaitingLove. I will inform you once the project is up.

I am still coding the three blogskins that I made for you few days ago, but the Twitter background is available for download now! It's featuring B1A4 and 2NE1. Hehe, I am running out of idea who to feature and I didn't realize that I ended up featuring the same group XD If you want your favourite groups to be featured on the layouts, just comment on our download site ^^ Here are the previews!

Click to visit and download

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