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30122011 : New Layout, SOTM

Good evening! It's a gloomy Friday evening here in Malaysia. Looks like it's going to rain soon. So, as 2012 is coming, I've changed our layout and it is now featuring Lee Seunggi. This is the second time I'm using green for DD's layout, as the first one was U-Kiss, in 2010. It's simple, with blendings of stock images and textures, as compared to the complicated FT Island layout which uses the PNG stocks a lot. I hope it doesn't look too dull, as the original intention is to bring out a more matured feeling, and a bit of seriousness as we enter a new year. We hope that this new year will be a better year for us, as we grow a year older. It took me about thirty minutes to design the header, and approximately two hours to code the layout, including performing error check. I am still adding and editing a few things here and there and if you experienced error, such as broken links, do inform me on the CBox.

With this new layout, and new year, we have a new section on our site, which is the Site Of The Month. Since the CBOX is moved to its own box, and the advertisement is now on top, so we are adding a new section, where every month, we will choose one site to be the Site Of The Month. Interested? Stay tuned for further details and the application form. Have a great day!

Nana Unnie has made 2012 Calendar set! Check out the preview below and to download, just click here! Unnie, why my biases is not there??? hahaha ~ jk jk

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