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29122011 : Request Completed, Ads

Hey everyone! I'm so happy that the internet connection is back and I finally get to upload all the requester's layouts! I hope they love it because I enjoyed making them, especially those with Xmas theme. How's your xmas? I hope you enjoy it and cherish the moments ^^ So far, we've completed all the pending requests, and we've received two new ones which I will start making after I update this site. There will be more blogskins coming up on weekend, and hopefully, new layout for DD too! haha~ don't get your hopes too high because I haven't got any ideas or outline for the new layout yet XD Anyway, I've made a few icons featuring Teen Top, Shinee and TroubleMaker and it can be downloaded from my icon house, EmpireUmma. Aren't you excited for TeenTop's comeback? I've heard the teaser and it is something that definitely will capture the fans' heart and will take over the chart.

Anyway, for an announcement, again, we would like to stress here that we are not accepting affiliation. It means, we appreciate it if you don't suddenly appear on our cbox and said "affies?". No way. We are tired of cleaning out our affiliation list because it not many sites are being active nowadays. Affiliation is upon invite only, which means, we are the one who will go to your site, and apply, if we think that your site is a potential affiliation. But no fret, you can always link exchange, with us too. I am adding our LE list after this.

As for the updates of our affiliates, Fortissimo and RavenousTemps are having a short break and I hope they will be back soon. Have you seen Dreality's new layout? It's wicked i tell ya ^^

Here's the preview of the icons. You can download it separately at site here

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