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23122011 - Twitter and Tumblr Theme Available!

It's raining again! I kinda love the weather right now because it's cold but it's not too cold like some of the place which is experiencing Winter. Hehe~ I've finished three requests and hopefully YatLuvG, Stephie and Maya love the graphics made for them. I am now coding the rest of the layout, and I will upload them asap. Our Internet connection is currently down (probably TMNet is doing some maintenance), but luckily, I have my own Broadband that I can use. However, it is not as fast and convenient as the high-speed wifi connection that our house has XD So yeah, if I didn't reply your message after one day sending it, that means I don't have Internet. Hopefully it will be fixed very soon. Ah, I also added 6 Twitter Background featuring Boyfriend! I am currently using Kwangmin's background on my Twitter account. You can visit my Twitter to get a live preview of the layout. I also added 2 Tumblr Layouts which features..... An SNSD and a B1A4 member. You have to visit our layout page to see them yourself! Just for your information, I am still learning my way with Tumblr themes and that is the basic layout that I learned from Tumblr's tutorial page. I am working on a better style of Tumblr themes so that I can provide a more awesome layouts which will suit your likings. I leave you with an Xmas card, from Dorkistic to all of you. If you happen to visit us, please put the banner on your site. I will go around and send it to my affiliates pages soon (if the connection loves me) Please keep on showing us your support and keep warm!

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