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22122011 : Icons For Xmas

Hiya Dorkies! how are you doing? I hope everyone is in a good health. It's getting cold out there for those who are having winter, and those in Asia, it's been raining a lot these few days, eh? I like it when it rains especially when I'm indoor, haha~ So, I have updated the status list, and please check your name there, in case you didn't receive my confirmation email. I think I'm going to stop accepting request until I finish what I got in hand right now. At first it was only three but then, more requests are coming. Thank you so much! To my dear requester, I hope you are patiently waiting for the graphics but I will try to finish it before Xmas. Two days to go and please pray that I can finish them! As for requesters under Nana Unnie, I hope you can wait a little longer because she's now busy with her designing job, I mean, her real job. It's the end of the year and many companies are taking pictures and so she is extremely busy with her daily job. Maybe you can go post an encouraging messages on our cbox? I'm sure that will boost her spirit ^^ Xmas is coming and how was your preparation? Have you finish wrapping all the gifts?

And as I promised few days ago, here are some freebies that we got for you. Please visit EMPIREUMMA here because there are 30+ icons for you to download and use in your AFF as well as Forums. Wanna check out some previews? There you go~

you can download the icons separately at EU. There's also Infinite, and Xmas icons up for grab

It's 2 in the morning, and I gotta go now. Have a nice day!

p/s: Please join Ravenous' Xmas event here!

This is what I made for Xmas Ornament at RT

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