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16122011 : Status Updates and Upcoming Content
Hiya everyone! How are you doing? The weather is very cold today even though the sun is shining brightly outside. Thank you for all your congratulation messages. We really appreciate it ^^ I have updated the STATUS page and do pick up your request there. However, I haven't upload your link button. It is still uploading at the moment. Do come back later to pick it up on the frontpage. You have to download your requests asap because I will remove them after a week, and if you haven't pick it up, you have to email me so that I can send it to you. If there is any problem regarding the layout or installation, please email me so that I can give further explanation. Sending the message on cbox WITHOUT your email or link can be a big problem too. How can we get back to you if you didn't leave us your contact information, right? So please remember to leave either your email or URL so that we can reply your messages ^^ We love receiving messages!

Christmas is coming and how is your preparation? Us in DD is not celebrating Xmas, however, we would love to share the spirit of this beautiful event by preparing lots of Christmas Content. All that will be uploaded right after this update. I hope the connection is being kind to me so that I can upload every thing. Hint : Tumblr Theme, Twitter layout, Blogskin, Greeting Cards and many more! However, some of them will not be here. It will be in my other sites. Don't worry, I will give you the link once I finish uploading them.

Here are some site updates and promotions:

COMELET.com is back with new layout and they're now recruiting staff! Get your portfolio ready and apply to be part of the most awesome site of the year~

UNIQUE DREAMS is back from a very long hiatus and they have provided fun activities for you. Visit their site to check them out ^^

RAVENOUS is desperately searching for staff. They are the most busiest site I ever known and they need your help.. be an angel and join the crew now ^^

DREAM STUDIO is hosting a Graphic Challenge. Go check them out and show off your skills!

and last but not least, we are open for Link Exchange. Exchange Link with us and we will keep the visitors updated with your site ^^ Click the LINK IN/OUT section to read more about it ^^

Until then, take care!
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