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14122011 : BEST REQUEST/SITE OF 2011

As you can see the banner up there, we received an award from NineCreativity as the Best Request/Site of 2011. I want to write a very long thank you speech but I'm not feeling well at the moment. The meds that I took has got into me and I think I'm going to sleep soon... Thank you to all of you who nominated, voted and always visit our sites even though it's pretty quiet these days...

The first award we received was in 2009 from Feisty Princess as Top Graphic Site, followed by July's Site of the Month from Lost Shadows 2010 and this is the award for 2011 and I am proud of you guys for keeping us alive until today. Us the Dorks will work hard and maintain our good services as long as we live (or until we get married, at least.. haha)

A big shoutout to BangBangVIP who won the Best Graphic Designer of 2011 and BeastDongwoon's story for Best Fanfic of 2011...!!

And this... is for you... this award is to all the visitors of Dorkistic.Net. Go take it and post it on your blog because you are awesome!

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