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11122011 Quickey

Hello friends and affies! I'm going to be very quick for today's update because we have 14 pending request at the moment and we're also working on new freebies for you guys. Be sure to check out our Facebook page and Twitter for the latest stuff from DD and the crews. To those who requested from Nana Unnie, she will take a little more time in finishing your request due to her workload. It's year-end and many couples are getting married. Since she's working at a design studio, so she will be very busy editing the wedding photos and invitation cards. I hope you can wait for a bit. While waiting, what about you go to her portfolio and use the premade layout that she made. She's got tonnes of layouts ready for you there ^^ The weather is getting cold, so I hope all of you will take care of your health and remember to wear thicker clothes to avoid falling sick on Xmas day XD

Today, I've made four layouts for our Layout Section and I am working on the coding. Come back tomorrow to download them~ Do add me, Chazzie on AFF because I update the blog there frequently, especially my working and site status.. Below's are the preview of the layout..enjoy Sunday!


Be sure to visit Layout Section tomorrow!

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