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Hellloooo Dorkies! aha, how are you guys doing? It's Tuesday here in Malaysia and I'm up awake even though it's 3 in the morning. So it's now December and Xmas is coming and I can see websites are changing their layout to suit the winter theme ^^ I will troll around and screencap sites with winter feels later so go change your layout! haha..How about Dorkistic? hmm, we don't really celebrate Xmas but we might have something to suit the seasons greeting mode coming up later this week! haha~ Nonetheless, I have updated the status page and you can see problematic request has been added. If you didn't receive any email after requesting, you might want to check if your name is there and if it's there, please read the rules carefully and fill in the form correctly. you can ask in cbox if you need help in filling in the form but remember to leaver your site's URL or email so that we can get back to you.

As for designer's status, Nana Unnie is pretty busy at her workplace, so those who requested from her might want to wait for a while before she can finish them. Pynkfaery would be on hiatus since she's moving to a new place. She is now a teacher at a college! woot woot~ And as for me, I am available ONLY for layout and wallpaper request.

And last but not least, a few reminders :
1. We are not accepting affies. Do not ask for affiliation on the cbox because we will remove it. Go to Link In/Out section to read more about it.
2. Please leave your email or website URL when commenting on cbox. We will not reply to your messages if there's no url/email even though you're asking important information.
3. To those who have received the requested layout, PLEASE INFORM ON CBOX. It's as simple as saying "i got the layout" but some of you didn't bother to message us and when we checked, you already upload the layout. Isn't it hard to leave us that short message??

And to those who informed us that you've received the layout, thank you so much =) We have screencapped your site with the new layout and it will be added in our portfolios. Some of you are nice enough to drop us messages when you requested. Thanks a lot for reminding us ahjummas XD

AwesomeNoobs is on hiatus.
Fortissimo has a new layout. Join the challenges and good luck!
Ninecreativity has added Xmas content. Check out what's in store ~
Dreality is changing the layout soon! and you still have time to submit your artworks for the challenges!
Ravenous is killing me with their new layout! and woot woot... join their Christmas even especially the Secret Santa!
UntouchableDesire is bringing the hottest boys back in memories ^^ With the comeback, they changed layout and open for business again!
D-siresalong with the new layout, Desires is now open for request and check out the freebies section for icons featuring your fave idols ^^

Hmmm, it's been a while since we make freebies isn't it??? well, bookmark dorkistic-design.co.cc because I'm coming up with layout freebies this week.. I will have another update tomorrow and do update your sites because you never know that your site will be advertised tomorrow XD Have a nice day!!
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