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Greetings to our beloved visitors and friends! I hope you're in an awesome weekend mode ^^ Well, I am! It has been a hectic week for me and I'm glad that weekend is here and I can get some rest. Yeah, Chazzie is old, and being a teacher is not easy! hahaha.... since I started working two months ago, I get tired easily.. mentally tired XD However, thank you to those who always makes my day by giving supports either in AFF, Facebook, Twitter and Dorkistic's Cbox. You guys are my biggest inspirations ^^ So yeah, enough with the sentimentals, I present you Dorkistic's new layout! FT Island is the winner for the layout poll that I did last month haha XD Well, I use this image because I love their hairstyles here and they all look happy and that cheers up our bright layout right? hehe~ Frustrated that MBlaq and Orange Caramel didn't win? Don't worry, we will also feature them in our site, but in the layout section XD along with this new look, I made sort of massive revamp to Dorkistic. I haven't added the pages, and I will do it once I finish writing this update. You might see new links up there (which I haven't added the content yet) and here is the summary of Dorkistic's Revamp #19:

So many things have changed aite? I hope you won't get confused with it XD If you are, feel free to ask via Cbox or Formspring. So, again, thank you for your votes, and I hope you like the layout and do tell me if there's error when you are viewing this new layout. Now, I will add the pages and doing some visits in search for new affies ^^

Shout Outs : Angie, Vanilla Bakery, Lovely Loves, Kia, Jirou, Ross, Yehyun, Maya, Youngji

DATE: 11/12/2011 COMMENTS:

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