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28/11/2011 Status Update

Hello everyone! enjoying your weekend? This ahjumma is pretty tired after a hectic days from Thursday until Saturday. 2PM concert was awesome and Nana Unnie and I met for a while outside the stadium and took picture together. I haven't seen her for a while! And we haven't seen Pynkfaery for a while too.. ahh, I miss her XD Anyway, I just updated the status page with the request progress, pending list as well as problematic request. Those who requested, please fill in the form carefully to avoid your request to be problematic and rejected. If you have problem with the form, feel free to ask us and we will assist you with that. and please leave behind your URL or Email when you are posting on our message box above. Messages without URL or Email will be ignored even when I know you well. Last week's requests are now in error check as well as uploading list. Imgur.com is down last week so I cannot send your layout rightaway. I'm afraid that if I use imageshack, those without IS account won't be able to view your header. Right now I'm doing the final check if there's anything that I missed out in the request, as well as to make sure the layout is working on your blogging platform. Anyway, here are a few updates of other sites for you to check out:

RAVENOUS TEMPTATION is back!!!!!! The layout is gorgeous and they've got themselves a new host which is NaiveHeart. Following their new look and host, they've added a few new stuff such as Twitter layout for you to use with your Twitter. That sounds awesome for me XD There will also be Kpop Covers and more freebies from the super talented staff there. Be sure to check them out by clicking here

CHAOTIC SERENADE is now opening layout request. By checking her site out, you can practically and obviously see that she's a talented designer and you will be satisfied with her artworks. Where to request? Go HERE!

FORTISSIMO has a new layout which will make you wish that Xmas is coming very soon! Indeed, the very soft and heartwarming layout featuring Minki will make you feel warm and happy ^^ Get your self requested OR visit Angie's personal site for more freebies and resources ^^ Celebrate winter early with Angie and KimxBB

I guess that's all for now. I'm going to browse around and look for potential affies ^^ Have a nice weekend!

DGNA icon from LittlePrincess

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