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18/11/2011 HOLIDAYYYY!

Hello guys! just a quick update. The school holiday has started!! olleh! Okay, I sound like a desperate student but yeah, I am the teacher lol. Well, I still have English Tuition for the students this holiday but still, I will have more time with Dorkistic.Net and my other sites ^^ Status page is updated as well as affiliate site. You can read short description about the site there as well. Even though we are not accepting affiliation, you can always link exchange with us. Just fill in the form and we will add you in the list =) So many sites has uploaded new layout and PINK INVASION for the win!! Like seriously, even though it might look boring because you go to different site, but the colour is similar, but I found it amusing! haha.. so, is your layout pink too? Tag us on Cbox and we will add you in the list! Check out the pink site below and visit them.. Be warned. Pinkiness alert XD

Shoutout To Pink Layout Owners: Youngji, Angie, Joanne, Ranee

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