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15/11/2011 : Requests are slowly coming

Hello lovely visitors and friends! how are you doing? As I'm writing this, I'm completing Melinda's request =) Request are coming slow, but that kinda give us time to finish each request on time. I'm now working on the new layout page. Soon, you can just download your desired free layout in just one click, without having to go to Blogskins. It is more convenient, especially when I don't really like going to blogskins anymore XD Other than that, I've been kinda busy with school because the long holiday starts next week, so we need to settle lots of things. I haven't got time to go around and ask for affies, but do keep in touch through our cbox and I might go to your site and ask for affie (even though you're not a graphic/request site!)

That's it for today's update, hehee.. so short! Well, want to see our latest completed design? There you go... iluvshineejonghyun and stephie requested on our comeback day and they already uploaded the layout. Thank you for requesting guys!

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