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You Are My Lady~

Excuse my lost mind. Hello everyone! Dorkistic is back... sorta~ haha. We are now on revamp mode and you can see DGNA's Header up there. Mian~ those who have been following me, or Nana Unnie might now that we planned to feature FT Island on our layout, but just now I saw this picture of DGNA in Open World's Update and I straightly made a layout featuring that picture. There's another one which is their concept picture but I couldn't find a HD one, so I used this one instead. I am sorry if the color looks weird, but making this while listening to their finally a Korean comeback song makes me lose my mind XD I finished this layout in less than 30 minutes and this is the comeout.. -bows- I will work hard for the actual layout. So, yeah, we are now on revamp mode and we will have our new look up once I sent out all the request. If you notice, I started sending out the request via email since 4shared is very slow these days, in fact, the Internet connection in my country is pretty slow and I got DCed lots of time. The technician informed that they're doing some upgrading and hopefully everything will be back as normal. Oh, and Chazzie will not be accepting anymore request until she finishes her pending list. So all request will be forwarded to Nana Unnie. However, if you need your layout asap, I suggest you to request at Fortissimo or Elegant Bliss because they also offer layout request ^^ Until then, Happy Diwali!> and have a nice day!

DATE: 10/26/2011 COMMENTS:

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