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Hi Dorkies! How are you enjoying your Saturday? We're on the 4th day of Eid and I enjoyed it so far ^^ It's time for an update after leaving this site unattended for a few days due to Eid break. Firstly, layout request from August has been uploaded. However, there are a few which is still under construction because of the complex needs in the layout. Secondly, I updated the pending list for me and will update Nana unnie's after this. Nana Unnie is on Eid hiatus so please be understanding if she complete your request a bit late.

And I would also give a reminder and warning to those who plans to request. We are a bunch of nice person to deal with, so please don't take it for granted. Think deeply before requesting. Do not request and then after fifteen minutes, telling us that you would like to cancel it. It is stated in the rules that you will be blacklisted straightaway. Read the rule carefully and take time in filling in the form. We are using English here, so I am expecting people to understand the command and questions in the form. We will not tolerate with those who do not fill in the form correctly. Make sure to choose the correct type of layout. If you are using Webs, choose webs and STICK TO IT. Do not move to Blogger and then starts complaining that the post is not visible on the page. I shall pronounce you as a pabbo if you do that.

This is a blessing month of Eid and I would like to be nice to you. However, it is tiring to be nice to people but people take it so lightly. We don't mind if we do not receive any request at all. We accept a quality request to ensure that we will provide a quality layout That's our promise. If you feel like you can't follow these rules, please go to other sites which provide layout service.

Such a long ranting that I don't even plan to make. I'm sorry if this post brings your mood down.

But still, we have our Site Of The Day! It is non other than our affie, Secretive. However, they have moved to a new link and now called "Fiction". Check out their site below.

Click Here To Visit

Three free layouts at the LAYOUT section for you to use as well!


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