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Latest Updates

Hello dear affies, friends and visitors! How are you guys? I hope you enjoy your weekend. Last week was a very hectic week for me because I've been called to work as a replacement/relief teacher at one of the schools in my hometown. Surprisingly, it was my former school! So, I am now working from 7am to 3pm every week day. Therefore, I might be finishing your request a bit late but most of the request are done in terms of the design, and I am starting to code them soon. Since these days, not many people are using 1024x768 screen resolution, so I decided to design the layout and put them at the center. This is to ensure that the layout will look good in any web browsers (hopefully) as well as screen resolution. If you would love your layout to be to the left or to the right, do inform me in the form. I will also email you your request because I think if I wait for all the layout to finish, you guys will never receive your layout soon xD So, I will email you as soon as I finish your layout. Therefore, please make sure that your email is correct and you have provided us your website URL so that I can inform you there when we send your layout.

Hmm, what else? Oh, I've updated the pending list, and those who requested, please check your name and if there's extra note beside your name, please take action asap so that we can start doing your request. I also have one new blogskin coming up after this.. stay tuned and take care!

DATE: 9/11/2011 COMMENTS:

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