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Hello everyone! How was your Monday? Manic? Motionless? I hope you had a fun Monday and it's Tuesday already. Happy Birthday to ZE:A's Minwoo! Haha, okay, back to business. I just updated our Affiliate List and I would like to welcome our 8 new affiliates to the family. You will get updates of their website if you follow us on Twitter now ^^ I haven't update our Twitter for a while because it's acting weird. I don't know why but I can't tweet new updates there. Everytime I hit TWEET, there's nothing happened and I have to refresh and tweet again and that has to be done so many time before Twitter publish it. -sigh- anyway, to our affiliates, We will run another monthly site visit tomorrow so be sure to update your page so that you will be on our active list. Yesterday, I visited so many awesome sites and I already contacted the owner so you can expect a few sites being added to our "Worth Visiting" list later this week!

To those who requested from us last week, please remember to inform us on Cbox so that you can get a one-time advertisement service, where we will promote your site at all our pages including Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, and thank you for requesting. I hope you guys will come here once in a while to interact with us as well~ I've updated my pending list, and please check your name and inform us on Cbox if your name is not there. Thank you to those who inform us at cbox when you requested. Even though it is not necessary, but I found it helpful that I can check my inbox right away once I see the message.

And last but not least, our Site Of The Day! It's not a request site, but a personal site of one of the awesome Webmissie back in 2009. It's Versahtyle's founder, Jaelliex3! She's been off the business for a while and now she's back! You can find her at VST as a trailer-maker.

Click here to visit

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