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Hello everyone! How was your Saturday? I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as I enjoyed mine ^^ Went for Raya shopping but I didn't managed to buy anything because they're so many people and I can't think straight! loll.. so, did you get to catch Comelet's Radio Show? Seriously, they're Daebak! super funny!! I didn't managed to listen to it live so I downloaded the show and listen to it just not and I just can't stop laughing! Not gonna ruin the spoiler, if you haven't listen to it, do head off to Comelet and download the show!

Just a short update today. While waiting for your layouts and new stuffs in DD, how about we enjoy a few wallpapers that I made for EmpireMalaysia (ZE:A's Malaysian Fansite).. check these out.. you're free to use them too ^^

So...which one do you like best??? ^^

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