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    Updates and Affiliates
    Hello Dorkies! It's Friday and weekend is coming very soon! Don't forget to tune in to Comelet's Radio! Haha.. I'm going to have a very quick updates today.

    1. Chazzie's Pending List is updated and please check your name. If your name is not there, please inform me on CBox so that I can check the form. ^^

    2. I'm going to update the affiliate list. Those who applied to be affiliate, welcome to the family! and I hope you will link us back ^^

    3. To our existing affies, please update your website. I'm going to have an affiliate check today and sites which haven't update for a month will be put at the bottom. Those who are actively update their site will be put on top. And those who have us on EVERY PAGES or on the front page, we will upgrade you to our Top Affie area which you can find on the sidebar =)

    4. And those who haven't link us, here are a few link buttons for you to use

    5. Again, our Membership Drive is closed. It is now on personal invites only. That is, if I feel like you deserve a VIP membership, I will personally contact you with the form ^^

    And last but not least....

    Site Of The Day

    A site full with awesome resources, it's Jjang Resources! Click Here To Visit

    p/s: Want your site to be our Site Of The Day? Easy, just be active in our CBOX and your site will have a chance to be here! The more you comment, the more often your site will be featured.

    Aren't you feeling annoyed with all the spammers in your Cbox? What a cheap way to get hits. Be careful when receiving new message on cbox and hover on their link first to check if it is a REAL visitor or just a spammer. I suggest you to make use of your cbox to the max by interacting with your affies and visitors and that is how we can stop the spammers from annoying us. As far as I realize, they will spam cbox and sites which is inactive. I hope this helps ^^

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