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Photography-based Layouts

Hi everyone! This is Chazzie doing the occasional updates XD I hope you guys are doing well and some of you are preparing for school right? mwahahaha, enjoy our last days of holidays kids! kekekke~ Back in the days, the remaining few days of holiday is like the moody days for me and my siblings. We will easily got into fights. Ahh, those days XD Anyway, I've been trying to expand my style of layout-making and this time, I'm trying to design layouts featuring stock photos. Yeap, a non-kpop layout. I found it pretty hard and I ended up editing the picture just by adding coloring and then went straight to coding it. However, I like the one called "Endless Road" because I like the coding style, and I even use it for a collab page, Superseoul of Jojoshinji and I opened in tumblr called Hankyu Resources. Do check them out ^^

Here's the preview of the layouts. Click LAYOUTS to download them ^^

Site of The Day

This site needs no introduction. They just opened a few days ago but they've received so much love from the designing/writing community. Welcome back to Purple and Angela who's now managing a cool site called COMELET. Click to visit

P/S: Those who affiliated with us, please add us on your page if you haven't do so. And if we forgot to add you, please inform at Cbox ^^

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