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Hi everyone! this is Chazzie! How are you guys enjoying this week? For Muslim, we have started our Month of Ramadhan and today is the third day of fasting. I like the atmosphere during Ramadhan where the weather seems so calm and relaxed ^^ As you can see, we have a new layout! ^^ Well, if you guys follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you will know how stress I was in deciding who to feature XD Indeed, I made a few layouts and it's all turns out pretty bad and this morning, I was browsing KoreanPhotoshoots to search for X5's picture which I plan to use for the layout but I ended up staring at Yunho's pictures and jajaannn.. there you go.. the layout XD How do you like it? I like the vintage car there and the color. As I mentioned before, I planned for a Back To Basic concept and that's why I choose to implement Black and Gray. I hope you like it =)

Along with the layout change, there's a few stuff that I added into this site:

1. TWITTER WIDGET : As you can see on the sidebar, I've added a twitter widget and from there, you will see site promotions where I will update you with our affiliate and member's latest news like Staff Application, Layout Change, Name Change and etc. Feel free to follow us there to receive updates right on your dashboard. For Dorkistic's update, you can follow us @dorkistic

2. MINUS.COM : I am now in the middle of moving all my stuff in minus.com to ImageShack. Since moving to a new domain, Minus seems unstable, and it will delete your pictures without warning =.= To those who requested from me and the picture did not appear on the layout please inform me so that I can upload it at a new server

3. MEMBERSHIP : Since it's already August, Dorkistic's membership drive is officially closed. To those who have received their membership card, congratulations, and remember, the more you request from us, the more benefit you will receive ^^ and tho those who are waiting for the card, or those who already registered, thank you very much and I shall process your application asap.

4. LAYOUT STYLE : Since we are now focusing on Layout Request only, so starting from the next batch, you can choose between two designs, which is the Horizontal Navigation or Sidebar Navigation. You have to inform us in the form which one would you prefer. And again, we are also accepting Webs.com, Livejournal and Tumblr layout.

5. SITE OF THE DAY : A new promotion style for your site, we will randomly choose one site from the CBOX and we will promote them at the bottom of our updates, because after this, we will update at least once a week. You can see the example below, which is Jnster's website, Elegant Bliss. We will put the screenshot and also the link to your site. Interesting? be sure to keep in touch with us by sending messages at our cbox ^^

6. COMING SOON : are you a Tumblr addict? I am! hahaha... not really but yeah, Dorkistic will be available in Tumblr soon!

7. REQUEST : And we have a few request in the list and it will be uploaded by tomorrow ^^


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