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Layouts Updated

Hi everyone! this is Chazzie =) just a shopt update, I added three blogskins in our layout section, AND we have a good news. To those who are using webs.com or Tumblr, you guys can rejoice now because the layouts are now available for webs and tumblr too!. Just go to our layout section, CLICK on desired layouts and that will bring you to blogskins and at the description area there, you will find download links for webs and tumblr.

At the moment, these three layouts below are available for three web hosts and I am in the process of upgrading our layout section. Kidari Juseyo!

Site of The Day

It's Dreality!!! Other than Mblaq layout as what I show you above, they have another layout too. just visit HERE

DATE: 8/10/2011 COMMENTS:

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