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New Layout, New Domain

Hello! Chazzie reporting here ^^ Today is a very special day. We are officially with NEW DOMAIN!. A very special shoutout to Kitty who registered the domain for us. Therefore, DD is now Dorkistic.Net! Ahhh, I'm so proud of the name! and thank you to those who suggested which domain extension that we should use. To our affies, please change our link and if you want, you can change the link with the new one here:

And the layout.... heee... *foolish* its actually for a "revamp-mode" layout of DD since I thought that domain registration will take sometimes. However, it only takes five minutes for Blogger to confirm my new link and I have to rush in with the coding. I hope it looks find in all your browsers. If you have problem viewing, please inform us.

I would like to suggest you to register at ImageShack because it can help you to view images smoothly. Not only in Dorkistic, but also other sites which use Imageshack as their major host. It only took you a few seconds to register, and after registering, log in and don't forget to check "remember me" box before logging in.

I wasn't supposed to update anything today but oh well.. I'm so happy!!!!! I hope you like the quick layout XD

Site Of The Day

Our TOP AFFIE, VerSahTyle is back with new layout and they are also your place to request posters and trailers and reviews! Click To Visit

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