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Hello Dorkies! How are you enjoying your Friday? For the Muslims, Eid Celebration is coming near and people are flooding the road to go back to their hometown. If you're planning to go back to your hometown, please take care of yourself and drive safely yea ^^ Few days ago, kimxbb of Blissul Sins agreed to join me on another icon collaboration featuring Super Junior! Hahaha, every time there's a collab, it always featuring Super Junior XD She's one talented designer and I love her posters. I'm honoured to get to collaborate with her. We have here a total of 48 Super Junior Icons which were grouped into patches. All you have to do is to save the image and then crop them using your image editor. And again, upon downloading and using, please credit either kimxbb@blissfulsins or chazzie@dorkistic.net. Enjoy the icons!

and how do you like the Button Maker? If you succeeded on using it, feel free to show it to us and we will promote your site using the button on our update ^^ I will try to make more alphabets and bases tonight ^^

Site Of The Day

Our angel, Kitty's site ^^ her site ranged from daily blog, tutorials and tips for designers and web developers. Something you should visit ^^ Click to visit!


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