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Hey everyone!!! Enjoying your Sunday? How are you celebrating Taemin's birthday today? lol... And how are you enjoying Mblaq's new song? it's wicked aite?? I really love it! Stay tuned because I'm working on new layouts for you soon! at the moment, I'm still finishing your request, and it took a while because I only have time after midnight to work on the request. At the moment, please visit NANA UNNIE's Portfolio because she added plenty icons there, and if you're Photoshop addict, please head over My Portfolio for series of PSD files for you to download. At the moment, please enjoy our Hyun A's Bubblepop icons and Infinite's Wallpaper. Let's do the countdown!

Oh, and today, Nana Unnie and I made a quick project for 8TV NiteLive's Baki and Mike. Look at what we did! Nana Unnie's banner is awesome weiiiiii!!!! mine?? lol... kindergarten's level only -.-

I shall update again once I finish your request yea... =) those who didn't see your name in pending list, but didn't receive any email, that means I am working on your stuff too ^^ Have a nice evening!

FrenchSha - Thank you for requesting!
YoungJi - Please email me so that I can assist you from there ^^
Hey Say World - Really? I will resend it to you asap =)
yiling245 - We receive it! hello affie~ =)
Yehyun - We shall promote it till the last minute!
PearlynC - Okay.. we will relink you =)
**princess** - Yep... she received it and it's done already! woot woot!
kpopfan anneyong! our layout is not beautiful but we're glad that you like it XD and thank you for requesting!

DATE: 7/17/2011 COMMENTS:

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