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Hello everyone! wahh... it's been a month! since my last update! but don't worry, even though we are not writing in daily we are still accepting request, and working on the layout and also responding to your messages on the cbox . Last few days, I've uploaded your request and now working on the request which is in the Pending List. Expected to be done this weekend BUT ZE:A IS DISTRACTING ME XD You shall expect a whole bunch of freebies later XD

You might can't see any freebies here anymore but if you follow our Facebook and Twitter you will be updated with freebies that we uploaded to our personal sites =)

And the membership drive has ended since it's July already. I'm now adding all the new members in the database. Some of you never requested at DD but joined and I appreciate that. I hope we can serve you with the best services and that you will request from us after you joined the family ^^ Remember, the more regular you are at DD, the more benefit you will get ^^

Teaser!!! Click LAYOUT to download it =)

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