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Update : 3 new layouts!

Hi everyone! how was your day? ahhhh, it's awkward to ask that at 2 in the morning! Well, I have been very busy with housechores these day but I am still online almost every day. I'am currently working on the button maker which is actually super hard to do! All the scripts and image links are making me dizzy. Right now, I am listening to the audiobook of Tolkien's The Children of Hurin while updating DD. Well, it's been a while since we uploaded new freebies, eh? Embrace yourself, I just uploaded three new layouts!! yeah.. the theme is supposed to be Rookies but somehow Infinite was there too! hahha... I hope you like them and do tell us in our cbox if you use it so that we can promote your blog @ our Facebook. I am in the middle of coding X-5's layout but I stopped half-way because I can't seem to find suitable colours for it -.- Upcoming rookies to feature: B1A4, N-Train and A-Pink ^^

Thanks to those who suggested their favourite idol to be featured on our freebies. Keep on suggesting your fave by visiting our Facebook and tell us in our notes I think that's it for now have a nice day!!!

DATE: 6/03/2011 COMMENTS:

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