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June is Here!

Hello Dorkies! This is Chazzie reporting from my room at 4.29am *looking at watch to confirm* Haha... sorry, I'm high of caffein! So yeah, how are you guys doing? I hope everyone is doing fine. I was down with fever on Sunday and Monday and it's not cool at all =.= Anyway, as in today, I have either sent out or upload all the requests that I received and basically I am in zero-request mode haha.. so I took the opportunity to do some updates and I hope our dear visitors and requesters can take note about few things. Haha, this isthe reason why I don't want to move to a domain hosting XD So many things are here in DD's Blogger account and to move "house" would be very hard XD So many files, so many pages and so many links! Anyway, basically, I have three major updates and few others too XD If you have questions or anything to ask, just comment or ask in cbox.

- I just uploaded two new layouts yesterday and feel free to use it. If you want to use it with other platform than Blogger, do contact us and I will help you with that. So many people requested for B2ST and FT Island layout. I will try to find suitable pictures and make one each ^^

- Our affiliation list is updated. Just go to Affiliates section and check out links with this blinkies. Do visit them and get yourself requested too ^^

- And a reminder to those who plans to affiliate with us, we only accept graphic/resource/request sites only. No personal blog, fansite, or other sites please. If you have a personal blog and want to affie with the crews, you can go to their portfolios which you can find at the Info Desk

- Those who applied as Dorkies, thank you so much! I've sent out your membership cards. Those who wants to join us, just visit HERE and apply.

- For those who wants resources such as colour scheme, PSD, PNGs, brushes you can find them @ my portfolio. I am now in the middle of putting all the resources there.

- And for those who loves to collect merchandise of your favourite K-Pop idols, we have it too! Well, it's our magnae's online shop called KPOP FAERYWORKS and you can search at Facebook and add her there. She sells customized badges, notebooks (this is my fave!), stickers and I heard that more stuffs are coming in. Do visit her and don't forget to prepare your purse XD

And before I end my very long update, I leave you with F(x) icons!

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