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REVAMP 17 - Year 5!

Hello there! Surprised? Well, not really eh.. Welcome back to Dorkistic Design, your one stop home for layout request ^^ Is the color too bright for you? Well, we're proud to present you our new layout for the 5th anniversary which is on the 17th of May. However, since I have to go for a short course that day, so I decided to upload it today. I hope you like the new look. The navigation is on the header and I'm featuring F(x) because.. uh, well, I just randomly found the picture in my folder! ahah XD I hope you won't get lost in the new look and feel free to tell us what you think about the new layout AND if there is any error when viewing it.

I've finished uploading all the request except for 2pmvietguh and blingkey which I'll be finishing it after this. And again, sorry for being very late and I hope the layout is worth waiting. To tell you a good news, I've finished my post-graduate study and before I am posted to any school around September, I will have more time to work with Dorkistic and to interact with you guys. Seriously, I miss you mucho! I hope you will keep on visiting our website while counting down for D-DAY because we're bringing you with a special feature in conjunction with our 5th anniversary. Stay Tuned!

♥ Affiliates will be posted after I finished doing an affie check today
♥ Request is OPENED again! Get requested ^^
Nana Unnie is going on hiatus and will be back hopefully next week.
♥ CONGRATULATIONS to Pynkfaery on your graduation!
♥ Visit our VIP Versahtyle who celebrated theyr 2nd year last week =)

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