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Hello everyone! Happy Labours' Day! hehe... I was so tired going to the International Bookfair in PWTC and I slept at 4 finishing your requests.. Well, I can't finish them all =.= I'm still working on it and while waiting, do check out Advertisement Section on top of the header and join the new recruitment and challenges made by our friends. Do you guys like B1A4 there y ou go, I made a quick 10+ icons featuring them. I'm not really a fan because I'm more of X-5 and A-Peace but yeah, there are so many new forums dedicated for this OK! boys so you can just grab any icons here to use in the forums. My friend, Bibi-Chan runs Malaysian Official Fanclub for the boys and you can visit them here Enjoy them!

p/s: don't forget to credit icon © Dorkistic Design on your forum's signature area~

and if you're searching for other layout-maker, you can go to Sweet Nothings, Novice In Tomboyism, Jtoasn or NineCreativity They all make super duper awesome layouts and you won't regret it ^^,

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