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Hi everyone~ how was your weekend? and how was your Monday? I've finished my study so yeah, I am now being a full-time housewife! hahhaa~ Finally, I've finished last weeks request except a few that I recently received. I hope you like them all and if you're wondering why there is no more horizontal link bars it is because those are only PREVIEW. Do register as our member and you will get an access to 10+ website template which you can choose from when requesting from us! mwahaha~

Anyway, I am now working on something for you. Have you ever heard of Maker? like.. dollmaker, blinkie maker..? have you? no? Well, I'm working on something along that line, specially designed just for you. Kidarijusaeyo~

I've updated our affie lists. the Waiting For Respond list means it's either you haven't put up our link button OR you didn't respond back to our affie visit few weeks ago. Once you drop by our cbox, we will move you to our ACTIVE AFFIE list ^^

Have a nice day!!

And don't forget to ADD US on FACEBOOK!

DATE: 5/30/2011 COMMENTS:

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