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It's here.... half of it XD

Uhh... *still doing khun and woodong's pose* I'm sorry for being very late. So many things to happen. Imagehost, my favourite file and image host is closed and I have to find other place to upload the images. And then, our university blocked all top filehost and I have to search for an unknown one. Please inform me if you can't open the link. If this is repeating, I will consider sending the request into your inbox.

Half of the request is there and the other half is still uploading. The connection is getting slow again. -sigh- Those who already pick up your request, please let me know. However, you have to come back here again because your link buttons and avatar is still uploading.

To compensate the super duper lateness, I will promote your site once you uploaded the new layout. I will promote it on FB, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter and Me2Day too. Thank you for being patient with us

Pending request is updated. Inform me if your name is not there

DATE: 4/18/2011 COMMENTS:

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