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The Umma's Pick-Ups

Hello everyone -in bowing position- I'm sorry for being an irresponsible umma XD I have been neglecting this site for a month!. I should be punished.. I know =.= I hope you guys won't get mad at my crews. You can get mad at me tho (but not for too long XD) Finally, I've finished the piled up request since December, yeah, DECEMBER, that's how SLOW I AM..T___T You can pick them up now and If you have any problem with the layout, please e-mail us. Pending list also updated, and if your name is not there (at pending or pickup) please inform me. We are in a big problem now since Imagehost is closed, and I can't find any good image and file host for your request. For now, I'm using 4shared and Imageshack but I can't open 4shared at my uni =.=! so if you have good Image or File host, please tell us yeah ^^

Now I'm off to change our layout. Happy Chinese New Year!

DATE: 2/02/2011 COMMENTS:

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