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Revamp 13

Greetings from Malaysia! Finally, after three days of all-nighters, I finally finished coding the new layout. Please give a round applause to Nana Unnie for the wonderful header featuring Cube Family! They came to Malaysia last month for Digi K-Pop Party and even though none of us got the chance to go there, we're glad that they came to Malaysia for a promotion tho XD Anyway, How do you like the layout? I hope you like it and if you're linda lost, please ask at our chatbox. The navigation is there below the header.

This is the 13th revamp of the site and I did a few changes here and there. We haven't had freebies for a while now because since we are busy with our real-life work, so it's hard to make some freebies. For now, we will focus on the request which keeps coming in everyday. Thank you for requesting!! However, we will try to bring you more freebies in the future.

We also will put down our affiliates from the previous revamp and already open for new affiliations. Got sites? Let's be affies ^^ Just fill in the form and we will contact you soon =) For now, we have five VIP affiliates there and hopefully, more people will come and join us. (oh, as I'm writing this, someone already sent in Affiliation request! weee~)

Please check the Designer's Status on the sidebar for their latest updates. Sometimes, we only accept certain types of graphic request, so if you request other than listed, it might be passed on to other designers. Please read the rules first before requesting, yeah ^^

And last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YUNHO!

Will be back to college tomorrow.. -sigh- Enjoy your weekend!

p/s: Chazzie's pending list updated XD

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