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Jay Affected

Hi everyone, how are you doing? I hope you guys are doing fine so far. It's already December and Xmas is coming. I'm sure you guys are busy preparing for the festive season. We are now working hard to finish the requests. It might be slow but I would like to thank you guys for your patience. I will not update the pending list at the moment because I want to finish the ones in my hand first. All of the crews are busy with request, assignments and work. Nana Unnie is busy training for Angklung performance this Friday. Hwaiting unnie! I'm thankful that you guys did not bash us for our lateness.. *bow*

As you can see, I changed the layout here and there. Hehee, what a record. We've used that ZE:A's layout for three months! Like I said, I need to prioritize your request first before our own layout. And the one above was made real quick just now. Hahaha, I'm still Jay Affected after his showcase last Saturday. It was a blast and for those who sent in their letter to Jay or AOM, I'm glad to say that we managed to pass the letters to Jay during our photo session.

While waiting for your request, I would like to invite you guys to check out new activities by MyB2uties and EmpireMy. And oh, we also proud to announce that we are the official promoter for Malaysian Touch's Fanclub too. Check out our Facebook to visit their pages.

To our affies, feel free to give a shout in Cbox if you guys have new layout, new announcement or new projects. We will promote that in our facebook too ^^

Enough babbling, Enjoy your Tuesday!!

DATE: 12/07/2010 COMMENTS:

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