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Dorkistic Nana Updates

Happy Sunday !! Nana here. I have one important announcement to make. Sorry for the long delay of your requests especially for blog layout / blog coding. I have encountered major coding issue, which related to Blogger new system of auto-pagination. Before this, it was okay. But now, some codings became incompatible with Blogger (cannot be viewed, etc.).

Auto-pagination have been implemented months ago but I was busy to revamp the codings. So I hope you can give me time to solve this and get back to you. I am still new with codings so it might took a long time. If you're in rush (maybe to celebrate your site's anniversary with new layouts or related), I will put some recommended sites here for you.

Right now, I can't think of one because my mind is so messy because I lost my phone. So sorry for the inconvenience (aishhh, almost wanna cry) TT.TT

Hwaiting dorkies !!!!

EDITED: One of my recommended sites for you to request blogskins --> jusce's Art Museum

And SuJu's blogskins made by me, continuation from the last skin.
Click [ here ] for Sungmin
Click [ here ] for Heechul
Click [ here ] for Kibum
Click [ here ] for Kangin NEW!
and more here

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