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Jealous? Biased?

Hello kids! How are you? I'm sneaking out from the ICT class and stayed at the cyber cafe XD Don't try this at home! ahahha... mian, I'm just being random here~ how's your weekdays so far? for those who lives in Malaysia, their school holiday is coming soon and I'm sure those kids are excited to go on vacation. I uploaded few more request and will try to finish the rest soon. You must be wondering about the title there right? Well, I received few comments (I rather say it as comment instead of complain) regarding the layout that I made. Some people think that I made other people's layout better than his or her. Are you saying that I'm biased? Well, yes I am XD ahahhaa... Therefore, here's the tips for you in order to get a high quality layout from us. We are not being biased. We put all our heart in all the layout we made because they're our babies too.

1. Provide Pictures : It will save our time, and it will prevent you from saying "I don't like this picture of him. I prefer him in blonde, etc etc" We will use pictures that we think will suit your website name/personality, and not just simply take the first picture we saw on google image.

2. Provide high-quality picture : It doesn't have to be big, because sometimes, they are small picture but in a very high definition quality.

This is what I mean by small picture but high quality: CLICK CLICK

and of course, it's best for you to provide large picture so that we can crop, cut and do lot's of thing with it ^^

This is what I mean by large HQ picture : CLICK

And this picture is large, but lack quality, because of it is scanned : CLICK

With just a little help from you guys, it is actually a big help for us. Picture is the main component in layout designing and we are trying our best to work hard, to provide you with the best layout.

thank you for those who has been requesting since our first day of opening. Hope you can promote us to your friends and affies too ^^ Later!

DATE: 11/10/2010 COMMENTS:

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