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Extra Tips + you're a webmiss? read this! +

Hello friends and families! Hope you're enjoying your weekdays so far. I'm sorry if I disappoint you, since I usually will update when I finished the request. Omo, my title sounds like SPAM heading in your email eh?? kekeke~I don't know how to put it! I've been browsing around and I'm happy to see new sites growing, and I also can see that the sunbae sites are going on semi-hiatus, like Lost Shadows, I-Deas, Shredded Hearts.. (but xHappy Dreams just made their comeback!! yay!!!). Yeah, we're getting older, so we have other important thing to do in life XD Anyway, as I browse around, I realize one thing (that I did realize few months ago)about SPAM MESSAGES compared to years ago, we can hardly get spam messages in our cbox, but nowadays, it's just beyond control! It's annoying to read those messages, instead of our visitors and affies messages right? Well, DD used to get (and still get it now) spam messages through our comment section (the one under each post) that's why we don't have commenting system anymore. It's something that we cannot control, however, I think I found few steps for us to prevent the spammer from messing up our cbox:

  • Keep your site active. The spammer will find inactive (and new) site to post their link and messages. Try to update at least once a week.

  • Display the DATE on the cbox. Don't hide the date on your cbox. The date shows how active your cbox are. The more often you interact with your visitors there, the less they will put their messages

  • Put Hiatus Sign. If you're on hiatus, put HIATUS sign and remove your cbox, or if you still want to keep the cbox, make sure it is an active cbox.

  • Spammer will randomly browse around and post link. You need to be active so that their link won't stay visible for a long time on your cbox. The other spammer will add their link also when they see the other spammers there.

    I think, to keep it short, we just need to stay active in our site/blog. Even though we are not writing, we can still interact with our visitors through the cbox. Dorkistic used to have such spammers (when we're in a long hiatus few months ago) but we managed to overcome it and since I think it works, that's why I'm sharing the tips with you.

    To all new webmissies and site, GOOD LUCK! you can always come here or message us at DD's email if you want us to advertise your site.

    To the hiatus sites, high-5! ahahaha, we're on semi hiatus too. Hope you guys will get some rest, and be back soon!

    p/s: Icon from Crystal Bowz
    Image from Blaugh

    DATE: 11/03/2010 COMMENTS:

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