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Updates and Freebies

Hello kids!!! How are you these days? Well, as for me, I'm struggling myself to stay alive, heh XD Anyway, Dorkistic has been pretty quiet these days, but of course, that doesn't mean that we're inactive or CLOSING YET XD. Yeah, I've been thinking to closing down these site for several times, everytime I'm feeling down, but I think it will be unfair to all our lovely affies and friends (you guys are not visitors, but our friends, you know that? ♥ ) who has been supporting us since our first year. Life is pretty challenging for us here. Nana Unnie is busy working, as she had a new job last month, and I'm happy that she's enjoying her new career now ^^ Pynkfaery, our magnae, is busy studying for the final exam. Anyone studying in IIUM? then good luck to you guys, and to all who are sitting for exam this month ^^ And as for me, I just started my 2nd semester. This is the 2nd week, but I already received 20 projects and assignments! See the number? just like the number of request that I need to finish soon XD

Again, I'm feeling thankful to those who patiently waits for their requests to be done. I'm having a very bad internet connection these days that made it difficult for me to check on my emails and get your request. But still, we are slowly getting on each of your request and will finish them as soon as we can ^^

As for the update, we are all in the progress of finishing your layout. We already have a header for our November layout, but we need to put the priority on our requesters first and will only upload DD's new layout when we finish yours. I'm also in the middle of outlining the next revamp for DD, where I think it's going to be a MAJOR revamp too. Aahahhaa.. we need to rearrange DD again because it looks pretty messed up. Mian~ XD

Anyway, as you can see, apart from keeping you updated here, we are also updating you via our fanpage on Facebook. Last two weeks (or more XD) I made B2ST Special Edition Blogskins to celebrate their comeback and I didn't put it up here. If you visit us at our fanpage, I already put up the link there. So today, here's the link to the blogskin, in case you haven't seen them yet. I love the new style of blogskinning, where we use light colors to co-operate with white or gray. No more black colors.. haha, sometimes, I love to follow blogskins.com's latest blogskinning trend but most of the time, I failed. Enough talking, enjoy the layouts!

Version B2ST
Version Yoseob
Version Gikwang
Version Dujun
Version Dongwoon
Version Hyunseung
Version Junhyung

For you information, one of our regular requester used Hyunseung's layout as their temporary layout. You can go visit them there at Vanilla Sky

You are also welcomed to use our free layout at blogskins.com while waiting for your requested layout. We have two accounts there which is Mine and also Nana Unnie's.

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