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Hello yeorobun deul~ I hope you guys are doing good. To all Muslims friends & affies, happy fasting! Heuu, I feel bad.. sorry to our requesters that we take a VERY long time to finish your requests. College and work are killing us lately. All three of us are like struggling our way with life T__T Thank you for all the jia yous and hwaitings that you guys sent to us. We really appreciate that ^^ We will work hard to finish your request soon ^^ Upon this update, there are few things that we need to inform you guys, especially those who wanted to request from us. Lately, I found many people breaking the rules and it kinda disappoint me.. Please read below:

1. To request, please click REQUEST, and read the RULES. You will find the FORM LINK in the rules. Those who use ECHO form will not be entertained anymore because we're no longer using ECHO. Make sure that the form is by WUFOO.
2. Please read the DESCRIPTIONS in the form. If you wanted a layout, click only ONE of below
-----------» BLOGGER LAYOUT : you will get a layout WITH the coding. so, no need to click LAYOUT'S CODING anymore.
-----------» LAYOUT'S CODING: You have the header, and you want me to code it for you.
-----------» WEBS/OTHER LAYOUT : Layouts (with coding) for webs.com, livejournal, plurk, etc.

3. Please be a little more specific. We will do the request based on your form. It's annoying to have people come back to us and ask us to change the font size, the color or ask us to add things. You should at least tell us in the form.

And we have few good news too:

1. Due to few requests that we received, we decided to offer few new request types : POSTER, TUMBLR background and TWITTER background To request that, just click OTHERS in the form.

2. New Blogger is ♥ ! but we still love the good ol' Classic blogger. Tentatively on September, you will get a chance to choose layout types of your preference. We're going to have 10 classic blogger, and one new blogger styles to choose from. Make sure to keep updated yeah?

3. Nana Unnie has updated her Super Junior's Blogskins collection!. please check our previous update below.

4. Lost your way in uploading your layout? Don't worry, an extended tutorial will be uploaded soon!

5. And we're proud to inform you that Dorkistic Design is the OFFICIAL PROMOTER for MYB2UTY {Malaysian B2ST Forum} and EMPIREMY {Malaysian ZE:A's forum}. Please click the promotional banners to join their projects and upcoming events!

Hmmm....being an old lady, I already forgot what to say XD I think that's all for now. Do ADD us in Facebook to join our monthly challenges!

Submit your entries now!! click HERE

DATE: 8/13/2010 COMMENTS:

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