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Calling for Malaysian 'Stylers and B2uties!

EmpireMy, Malaysian ZE:A's forum is making a 1-minute video to be played during ZE:A's fanmeeting this coming September. Therefore, we need your pictures! yes... you!!!

Dear Malaysian ZE:A'S,please participate our project!
send in your picture (any A4 paper with your message to ZE:A on it with yourself or group of friends) to theaudiokill@gmail.com

For example, you hold an A4 paper with the message ZE:A HWAITING! and you take a self-cam of it. =D

Your font have to be big enough.=D

Please remember to include your name!

again, send to theaudiokill@gmail.com ^^

At the moment, EmpireMy's project only open for Malaysian. I will further ask the Project Manager about this. For International fans, don't be sad. Dorkistic will organize a project for everyone in September 1. Stay tuned!

and of course...

Our b2sty boys will be celebrating their 1st anniversary soon on the 15th October 2010. Therefore, MYB2UTY will be having a celebration to congratulate them, and celebrating Hyunseung's 22nd birthday. Are you guys in party mode??
Click here for details

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