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Hello everyone! How are you guys?? Hope you're doing fine and waiting patiently for the weekend ^^ omomo, I hope the new layout won't hurt your eyes! Hehehe, Finally, I came out with a new layout for Dorkistic! I'm sorry if it's too simple XD And the color..I just want DD to look cheerful these days, so that's why the color combination are almost the same with the previous one. As you can see, again, we featured Kim Brothers on the layout (the previous one was during Layout No.25), and this time, it's for the sake of promoting their event! Kim Hyung Jun is coming to Malaysia for a private fan meeting next week, and to add with that, his brother, Kibum will be the special guest! That's why we have them on our layout for this month..

There are few changes and addition that I've made just now. I can't believe it I took more than two hours to actually organize the new layout! ahhh, my skills... needs to be improved! Anyway, yeah, here's the list:

X Navigation is below the banner
X The upper one is our PROJECT PROMOTIONS Click to join the project.
X Pending list is BELOW the update post. Click the LINK provided
X New AFFILIATES uploaded.. welcome to DD guys!
X Please show some love and join our project yeah ^^

--have plenty to say but forgot already--


DATE: 8/20/2010 COMMENTS:

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