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Blogskins : Suju Collections!

Hallo everyone! Chazzie unnie's here. I'm sorry that we barely update this since for the past few weeks. Everyone is so busy with our work, outstations and assignments, and to add with that, the Internet connections are pretty...bad~ For those who requested from me, I will try to upload them all by this weekend. Thank you for your patience and jia yous, I managed to finish most of them in the midst of my project work and all XD We don't want to go on hiatus again because if we do, I guess it will be like our last hiatus, and we're like closing forever! We're trying not to go up to that yet, and that's why we're still open with request, even though we might finish them a little late.

As I am busy with my project work and stuff, Nana Unnie just came back from Terengganu last week. Heuuu, I supposed to join them but I have to prepare for a presentation for Monday's class. She's there to support out Gamelan Team who performed for "World Gamelan Festival".And our magnae, Pynkfaery is busy with her stall. There is a festival here in our hostel and the students are opening stalls, selling lots of thing and our magnae is handling her own stall, selling Yong Tau Foos and steamboats. *sigh* since I'm allergic to seafoods, all I can do is to visit her stall everyday and cheering for her! hahaha~ Dear visitors who're staying in IIUM, do come to MARFEST and visit our magnae's stall yeah? ^^

As you guys know, from our Facebook, Nana Unnie is uploading her Super Junior series of blogskins! Those who check our FB can get the link since last week, and now I'm uploading them here.. I myself is in the middle of making my Lucifer Series, whereby you can preview and download Jonghyun's version HERE. But for now, let's enjoy Nana unnie's Super Junior Series! *pssst, give her a shoutout @ FB if you want your fave Suju to be 'skinned' next!*

hyukjae.jpg (7 KB) siwonnie.jpg (6 KB) teukki.jpg (5 KB)
yesung1.jpg (7 KB) yesung2.jpg (6 KB) 345904_tn1280379385.jpg (5 KB)
346783_tn1281426528.jpg (3 KB) 346791_tn1281427588.jpg (5 KB) bs026.png (253 KB)
bs027.png (436 KB) bs028.png (252 KB) bs029.png (150 KB)
bs030.png (141 KB) bs031.png (224 KB) bs033.png (159 KB)
bs034.png (212 KB)


Have a nice day!

p/s: i've updated the pending list. Please resend your form if your name is not there~
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